GBG MLM Network Marketing Forced Matrix 10-in-ONE Chewable Vitamins Opportunity

GBG MLM 2x30 Forced Matrix Opportunity
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GBG's Amazing 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins
Produces Huge Opportunity!

GBG 's unique WHOLESALE pricing and GBG's unique and simple COPYRIGHTED Multi-Level Marketing or MLM/Network Marketing 2x30 Forced Matrix pay plan is helping ordinary people easily achieve extraordinary success in their own MLM or Network Marketing Home Based Business! Where else can you start an Easy-To-Do MLM or Network Marketing Home Biz for under $50 that lets you provide a real value to people with the potential to earn you Retirement Style Unlimited Residual Income.

GBG 's 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins are EXCEPTIONAL Products offered at an incredibly LOW PRICE (on Autoship).

GBG Gives You
Multiple Streams of Income!

1: Weekly Fast Start Bonus
Pays out on all of Your Customers 1st Orders. This is paid WEEKLY and it generates income for you QUICKLY! Golds receive 10% on Products and Packages; Platinums receive 20% on Products and Packages.

2: Monthly Enroller Bonus
Pays out on all of Your Personally Sponsored Customers starting from their 2nd month. This is 10 - 25% of the Commission Volume (CV) of your personally sponsored customers.

3: 2 x 30 Forced Matrix Commissions
The most powerful part of the Pay Plan! Receive a NEW Pay Position (Pay Point) above everyone that you personally sponsor after the first two. This is your LONG-TERM retirement income!

  • Join as a Gold Member and Sponsor just 2 customers to qualify for 10 levels of Forced Matrix Pay from the customer's 2nd month of product purchases!
  • Join as a Platinum Member and Sponsor just 2 customers and qualify for higher Forced Matrix commissions and 15 levels of Forced Matrix Pay from the customer's 2nd month of product purchases PLUS Platinum Package purchases.
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GBG's 2x30 MLM/Network Marketing Forced Matrix Pay is unlike anything that has EVER been offered as an MLM or Network Marketing Opportunity with Chewable Vitamins or any other Product!

GBG's 2x30 Forced Regenerating MLM Network Marketing Matrix can pay on infinite levels! It is the BEST Forced Matrix Pay Plan out there. Unlike a Binary, you'll never have to "balance" any legs. But with GBG's Copyrighted 2x30 Forced Matrix Pay Plan, here's where it really gets exciting!

"Once you've Sponsored your 3rd Customer and every Customer thereafter, you'll earn a NEW 2x30 Forced Matrix position (known as a "Pay Point") within your ORIGINAL 2x30 Forced Matrix! AND... you can earn 2x, 5x, even 10x+ the income on the SAME VOLUME every month! This can happen with GBG!"

"Just Remember This... Buy Just 1 Bottle of GBG's 10-in-One Affordable Chewable Vitamins Monthly, Sponsor as many Customers as you can, & help those who want to build a MLM or Network Marketing Home Based Business and everything else will be taken care of for you!"

GBG's Lucrative Platinum Program Creates Serious Income For Business Builders

GBG's Platinum Program is an annual autoship that provides quality training, marketing materials, deep discounts on additional materials and other benefits to help serious business builders to build their organizations. It also pays Higher Commissions.

GBG Business Advantages:

  • FREE MLM/Network Marketing Business Opportunity!
  • FREE Website! (Like This)
  • FREE Internet Store!
  • FREE Back Office Training!
  • FREE Customer Tracking Reports!
  • FREE Telephone Support!
  • FREE Sizzle Call Line!

Other GBG Business Advantages:

  • 5 Minute SIZZLE Call Line (Available 24/7) Call:
    Option 1: With CEO Stuart Finger
    Option 2: With GBG Millionaire Michael Kahn
    Option 3: With Uncle Lee
  • In Business Since 1996! (New division of solid company that paid out MILLIONS to its Reps.)
  • Very Affordable! (MLM/Network Marketing Home Business Opportunity is Free with one product purchase.)
  • $1 Million Custom Software! (Tracks copyrighted MLM Network Marketing Forced Matrix Pay Plan and customer orders.)
  • Millionaire Management Team! (Over 50+ combined years of MLM/Network Marketing Home Business experience.)
  • Fully Willable MLM/Network Marketing Business! (Your heirs can inherit your Home Business Earnings.)
  • Pro Marketing Materials! (Buy DVD's, flyers, business cards, etc.

GBG Pay Plan Advantages:

  • Original Copyrighted MLM Pay Plan! (No Company, Other Than GBG, Can Use Pay Points.)
  • 2x30 Regenerating MLM Forced Matrix! (Each new Pay Point creates a new 2x30 matrix within original, with infinite levels potential.)
  • Multiple Ways Of Getting Paid! Capable of creating an ongoing residual income.
  • No Difficult Requirements! Sponsor 2 and you start earning! Join as a Platinum or upgrade later to qualify for more pay.
  • Pay Points Increase Payout! Each new Pay Point earned will increase earnings paid out by 2x, 3x, 5x, even 7x and more on SAME monthly volume.
  • Full Compression! Done every month to maximize your earnings.
  • NO Large Volume Orders!
  • NO Massive Sponsoring Required!
  • NO Overpriced Products!
  • NO Expensive Commitments!
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Contact GBG Rep:
Michael Thompson
Presidential Platinum

Skype: bizguy300
ID# 342117
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Available GBG
MLM Marketing Tools

  • Free Website (Like This)
  • Free Lead Capture Page
  • 24/7 SIZZLE Call Line
  • Double Sided Postcards
  • Personized Business Cards
  • Marketing Flyers


 GBG's 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins Is A Unique Blend Of Top Ingredients!

  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins is a MULTI-VITAMIN & MINERAL FORMULA with Essential Vitamins & Minerals plus 5mg of Trace Minerals!***
  • 10-in-One All-In-One Chewable Vitamins Formula is a CARDIOVASCULAR FORMULA For A Healthy Heart!***
  • 10-in-One Easy-To-Take Chewable Vitamins Formula is a STRESS FORMULA  For  Today's  Hectic Lifestyles!***
  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins Formula is a SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT  FORMULA With Advanced, Age-Defying Nutrients!***
  • 10-in-One Good Tasting Chewable Vitamins Formula is an IMMUNE ENHANCER To Defend Your Body At The Cellular Level!***
  • 10-in-One good tasting Chewable Vitamins Formula is an ENERGIZER, All Natural With No Harsh Stimulants!***
  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins is a MEMORY & MOOD ENHANCING FORMULA With Proven "Feel Good" Neuro-Nutrients***
  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins is a DIGESTION AID FORMULA With Aloe Oil!***
  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins is a VISION SUPPORT FORMULA With The Powerful Benefits Of Lutein & More!***
  • 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins Formula is a BONE & JOINT FORMULA With Sulfur-Rich MSM***

How Powerful Is Just One Serving Of The GBG's Chewable Vitamins Formula?

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN A equivalent to 10 Tomatoes!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN E equivalent to 1.5 cups of Whole Almonds!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN B6 equivalent to 29 servings of Red and Green Bell Peppers (raw)!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains THIAMIN equivalent to 13 tablespoons of Brewer's Yeast!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN C equivalent to 50 slices of Orange!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN K equivalent to 25 cups of Strawberries!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains RIBOFLAVIN equivalent to 46 cups of Yogurt!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains SELENIUM equivalent to 35 cups of Broccoli!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains NIACIN equivalent to 1.5 cups of Peanuts!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN D equivalent to 4 cups of Milk!***

The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins formula contains VITAMIN B12 equivalent to 167 Eggs!***

10-in-ONE Chewable Vitamins Also
Contains Top Super Foods

CLICK HERE For Ingredients List

GBG Product Advantages:

  • The 10-in-One is NOT Cheap Vitamins! It contains the highest quality ingredients
  • The 10-in-One Chewable Vitamins have a delicious taste!
  • The  10-in-One Chewable Vitamin Supplement is SUGAR-FREE (which makes it safe for diabetics***), ZERO NET CARBS, ZERO CALORIES and ZERO TRANS FATS!
  • All GBG products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected manufacturing facility!
  • All GBG products are Low Cost and very affordable.
  • All GBG products come with a full 60-Day "Empty Bottle" Money-Back Guarantee!

GBG's 10-in-One
Is Now Available In Chewables

New GBG 10-in-one-chewable-vitamins
Get Started Today!
Opportunity Doesn't Go Away
It Just Goes To Someone Else!

3 Levels Of Membership:

1. Customer:
Autoship just 1 bottle of The Chewable Vitamins and receive products at discount.

2. Gold:
Same as customer but sponsor at least 2 autoship customers and qualify for 10 levels of commissions on sales of products. Gold Reps don't qualify for all the pay that is available to Platinum Reps.

3. Platinum:
For serious Business Builders. Same as Gold PLUS purchase the Platinum Training Package.

You can join as a Platinum OR upgrade to Platinum whenever you are ready

Consider This Fact When
Starting With GBG:

"Everyone needs a good Vitamin & Mineral Supplement's a BILLION dollar industry! How many people do you think will benefit from a unique Chewable Multivitamin that contains SUPER FOODS and Resveratrol, is safe for diabetics, is priced at ONLY $39.97 for a month's supply, has 2,500+ ORAC per serving, and it comes with a 60-Day Empty-Bottle Money Back Guarantee?"

I knew you'd guess the right answer!

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